So I started my new job this past week.  However this job now puts me in a situation.  There is the part of me that would like to get more hours and quit my job at Pizza Hut.  So side one.  I wouldn’t have to work as much and the job doesn’t require me to stand for hours on end or spend all night driving around.

But if I quit my job at Pizza Hut then I will have effectively isolated myself to live in my Christian bubble.  Despite my desire for comfort and to take the easy way out, I know God has placed me at Pizza Hut for a reason.  There are hurting people that need hope.  So despite what I want I know I need to keep my job at Pizza Hut.

So my prayer is that my friendships at Pizza Hut would deepen and allow me the opportunity to share with them what Christ has done in my life and what He can do in theirs.