My name is Scott Gottreu and I’m a coder, writer and runner.  I enjoy traveling and playing my guitar and don’t do nearly enough of either. I ran the Louisiana Marathon in 2012 and have run several half-marathons.

My educational background is varied. My undergrad is in Sociology but I started my career as a developer right after graduation. I went on to get a Masters in Education focusing on Educational Technology. Several years later, I moved to Texas and got another graduate degree in Christian Education.


I began my career as a classic ASP developer at the university where I received my degree. I tried my hand at self-employment and learned PHP and MySQL. Since then I have worked with Perl, Ruby, Rails, and even some SalesForce. I have worked in academia, a church, and the private sector. I have worked in the medical industry and advertising. Currently I’m working for a telecommunications company.


With all these experiences and my background, I have spent the last few years trying to blend my work with my faith. This has lead me to research social businesses and how entrepreneurs who have a faith in Christ can use their abilities and resources to further his kingdom and alleviate suffering in the world.