Fork in the Road It’s interesting how the consequences of past decisions rear their heads and throw your plans for a loop. I moved to Ft Worth two years ago to attend Southwestern Seminary. I came here with some debt that I incurred from my try at self-employment several years ago. Instead of spending the intervening time saving money to pay off my debts, I squandered the opportunity. Each semester I went a little bit farther into debt. One month I might get ahead and save up some money and then something would break or some unexpected problem would arise and I would wipe out my savings.

Several weeks ago I began looking at the schedule for this semester and registered for only one class. That was mostly due in part to the fact that I waited until the last minute to register. Once I began calculating the costs for this semester, it hit me. I just cannot be a good steward and continue to finance my education on debt. On the one hand, if I sit out this semester I feel as if I’m quitting. On the other hand, if I go further into debt for school I feel like being irresponsible. So either way, things are out of kilter and my plans are out the window. So I made the lesser of what feels like two bad decisions. I’m choosing to sit out this semester and work as many hours as humanly possible and save money. I’m also cutting expenses wherever possible. It was sad after I looked at my budget and saw how much I spend on eating out each month. By the grace of God, I can start back this summer and be able to pay cash for my classes. It is also my goal to have started paying down my debts by then.