When you least expect it

I was speaking with my shift supervisor at work last night and she asked me how I could afford my new iPod. I told her that it belonged to the church I work for and I’m working two jobs right now. She asked me what I do for Fielder Road and then asked me what I wanted to do when I graduate. I told her that I wasn’t sure. Apparently that was the catalyst that started our conversation. She told me that she felt like she hasn’t accomplished anything in her life. She’s only 20 by the way. So I told her of how I’ve worked for various employers in various fields and I didn’t find fulfillment in any of these jobs. I shared with her how God used the last five years to change my way of thinking.

She really opened up and shared with me about her trepidation about having a child. She is several months pregnant and didn’t think she wanted children in the past. What was interesting about all this is that she usually comes off kind of gruff. But last night I saw a person that was friendly and open.

It’s amazing that when you least expect it God will drop an opportunity right in your lap.