When people spit on your faith

So last Friday night I was getting ready to leave work and I decided I would show off the video ability of my new iPod to my shift manager. So I fired up one of the sermons from the iGod series at Fielder Road and showed it to my boss and some of the other employees. I started telling them that it was part of the iGod series. The guy that was holding my iPod almost dropped it. He began to tell me of his disgust for God and how he lived a life that was polar opposite to God’s command. He told me that if he went to church he would burst into flames. I think he was being a bit melodramatic.

He then proceeded to tell me of his disgust with the church and their belief that homosexuals were destroying the American family. He expressed his theory of what is actually harming the modern family. He said that everyone has to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. He went on to state that he hadn’t seen his kids in over a week because he had been working so much. He again stated his distaste for Christians and acted as if to spit on Christianity.

My coworkers distaste of Christians didn’t really bother me that much. What really got to me was the need and hurt in his life. I felt burdened by the Lord right then to find a way to minister to him. So I’m praying about how I can help my coworker get home and see his kids. Should I just take part of my paycheck and give it to him and tell him to take off and go see his kids? Would he take my gift?

So this is one of those situations where I’m going to have to show him love before he will listen to what I have to say about Christ. So he can continue to spit and I’ll just continue to give him a cup of cold water in Jesus’s name.