I awoke Sunday morning thinking about the elections in Iraq. I had seen reports that the polls had opened before I went to sleep Saturday night. I remembered thinking, “I should pray that the elections go well and are safe.”

However, as happens with me many times, I forgot. So after I got up Sunday and remembered the elections, I felt bad because I had forgotten to pray. I almost began to think that if something went wrong it was my fault because I had not prayed.

Then the Lord reminded me that in the grand scheme of things, He does not need me. He chooses to use me and wants to but is not required. His sovereignty trumps our human frailties. His will shall occur regardless of our actions.

That is humbling. It puts you in your place. On the other side, however it is awe-inspiring. God could just wave his hand and accomplish His will, yet he chooses to use these flawed vessels to bring Him glory and to shape those flawed vessels into pure and clean vessels.