As I begin this year, I have thought about what I will focus on. It all starts with:


  • Courage to risk my friendships to take them to a deeper level
  • Courage to risk ridicule or rejection in sharing my faith
  • Courage to write more and put it out for people to read


  • To finish the multitude of incomplete short stories and publish them
  • To finish my board game prototypes and have people test them
  • To pursue other avenues of creating


  • Explore new opportunities on how I can make an income
  • Explore new ways of serving in ministry
  • Explore new worlds and new civilizations… Wait, my mind wondered there. Scratch that, explore new lands.

This year I mixed up the 3 words with some goals. This way if new opportunities come along, I can filter them through my three words. The goals help the three words not feel so abstract.

What do you want to do this year?