I have been on an emotional roller coaster the last few months. I had been frustrated with my job and was working through issues. Then in December, a friend of mine died suddenly. Everything came to a head and I found myself in a depressed state for over a month. I would fall asleep by 9pm and wake up late. Some nights I didn’t even eat, I had no energy.

After the Christmas holiday, I started back to work and still found myself frustrated. I began thinking more about starting my own business again. I put those ideas on the back burner because I had a job and I had plenty of school work to keep me busy.

Fast forward to today. The minister of administration came into my office today and told me I will only have a job for 2 more weeks. The church is going in a different direction and they need someone full-time with a different skill set. I was nervous up until the point that he actually said that I was being let go. After that, I felt relief, possibly even joy.

I have been wanting to change jobs for several months, but God had been teaching me many lessons about obedience and submission. These are lessons I should have learned years ago at previous jobs, but each time that it got hard, I jumped ship. Now, I can leave with a clear conscience. I gave Fielder two and a half good years and I learned a lot. But now it’s time for a new adventure. The idea of not having any money to pay for bills is scary but I’m confident that I will find a job. Maybe not doing what I want but I’m sure I can find a job. I also know that this will be a great growth opportunity. So much of my life has been spent in self-reliance and now I have to throw myself upon Christ to sustain me.

I was reading through Matthew 11:28-30 the other day.  So many times we only want to think about how we can come to Christ with our burdens and he will give us rest. But there is a condition in His statement. We must take up His yoke and learn from Him. Once we do that, then we can find rest. May I be humble and learn from my Savior.