Kids are funny.

As a pizza delivery guy, I have come across a lot of interesting things. Some people have no problem answering the door in their underwear. Well, I do. Please for the love of all things holy and right, do not, under any circumstances, ever, ever answer the door in your underwear. This one guy had to top that though. He answered the door in his underwear, with his last name tattooed across his pot-belly and he was smoking a peace pipe. I doubt it was tobacco but it looked just like all the peace pipes you would see in those old westerns.

Sorry, chased a rabbit there. Back to the subject at hand. Kids are great. Some will go ballistic when they see the pizza guy. Some will just start talking to you like they’ve known you for years. This weekend, this one kid started telling me about how he was losing his tooth and how he couldn’t get it to come out. Or they’ll tell you they love dinosaurs and Scooby-Doo.

I also love to watch people. Not like stalking but just observing them. Take the kid with the loose tooth. While I was at the door, his dad drove up the driveway. He and his sister’s eyes light up and they just sprinted to his truck. I just watched them stand on the running board hanging onto the door just talking to their dad and him asking them about their day.

The next morning I was driving through another neighborhood and saw a father coming home walking up the sidewalk. He had his arms opened just walking toward the house. His kids then saw him and just ran to his open arms.

I’m not going to draw any conclusions or make any analogies or allegories. I’ll just let these events mean to you want you want them to.