Worry will make you sick, seriously. I'm not kidding.

I had a paper due on Tuesday of this week. As usual I waited until Sunday afternoon to start reading the book. I stayed home from work on Monday morning to finish reading. The plan was to come home after Life Group around 9pm and work till the wee hours of the morning to finish it. Well after returning from class about 6pm I became very ill. I tried to make it to Life Group but soon realized that was pure folly. My pharmacist friend prescribed plenty of fluids and sleep. So by 8pm I was in bed. This was putting a serious cramp in my plan. I woke up about midnight and debated getting up to work on it but voted against it knowing I needed the rest. So at 6am I got up and added footnotes to my paper and got ready to hand in one and half pages of at least a five page paper.

That all transpired I believe because I allowed concerns about school work, finances, and relationships, to get the best of me. I spent all day Monday worrying and stressing instead of giving it up to God to take care of. So I took part in a very painful and memorable object lesson. I do believe that is lesson I will not soon forget.