School has been crazy the last few weeks. Papers, projects & presentations. Dr. Kennedy, my hermeneutics professor, would be proud of my alliteration. I’ve still got a few papers left but things have let up a little. In a few of the moments where I end up wasting time instead of working on a paper I will read one of my favorite web comics. I noticed that they had started a charity called Child’s Play.

It’s a charity started by gamers that buys games and books for different children’s hospitals around the world. You find a hospital you want to help and then you are given an Amazon wish list created by the staff at the hospital. You purchase the items and they are directly shipped to the hospital.

Their first year they “delivered new toys worth $120,000 – and an additional check for $26,000. That is a fund drive for Children’s Hospital of $146,000 in three weeks, from a standing start.” Last year they raised over $500,000 in toys and money. Not bad for two guys in Seattle that wanted to prove the media wrong that not all gamers are antisocial murderers in training.