One crazy week is almost in the can.

So I was up till, well I still haven’t gone to sleep. I got up yesterday morning and began working on my research paper that was due today. I skipped work and toiled over that paper all day. I went to class and LifeGroup and got home about 10pm last night. So I started again. I would nod off from time to time but I knew if I went to sleep I would never finish.

So about 7am this morning, I finished my paper and headed to class. I nodded off in my first class, second class, chapel and work. Now I’m pretty much awake but I’m looking forward to passing out in a few hours. I also have a presentation that I haven’t started on that is due on Thursday and I also have a homework assignment covering the book of Jonah also due Thursday. I’m going to celebrate Thursday night. The rest of my semester is cake. Take finals and that’s about it.