It's funny how inspiration comes

I have been thinking about how I have allowed my blog to languish in disrepair and inattention for almost two months now. As I was sitting here attempting to think of a worthwhile topic, the idea of writing came to me. I have been thinking about writing on my blog for the last few weeks but I could never come up with anything that I felt was a good topic.

However, the other day I was sitting around playing my guitar and I just started writing a song. It was not good at all but I was thinking about several of my friends and how their life is an inspiration. So I just wrote about how they inspire me and remind me that God still answers prayers and still provides us the strength for today.

Other times I will sit down with my journal and at first I don’t feel I have anything to say and then an idea will come to mind. Before I know it I have written a page or two about something that I am dealing with and the theology behind it. Other times I might just spend time in introspection trying to understand why I do certain things, like putting off a paper till the day before it’s due.

I guess it’s all a matter of inspiration. If there is something you want to talk about, you will find any venue you can and discuss it. But if it is per chance a research paper on Ezra 10, you cannot find motivation to begin, no matter how hard you try.