I think I saw Noah float by Friday night

We had some serious storms move through the Fort Worth area Friday night. It first occurred to me that it was getting bad when the water was up to the curb and I could not read the street numbers. I hit a few spots of water and shot sprays of water into the air but nothing too uncommon. I got back to the store and noticed that the roof was leaking in various areas. The cooks were trying to make pizzas while standing in puddles of water and waterlogged cardboard.

I got my next order and proceeded south. At this point, I noticed that the water was higher than what I had already driven through. I passed a car that had stalled out in the water. The water was probably about 2 feet deep and about half way through I wondered if this was such a good idea. I made it through unscathed and ventured on my way. It was not long before I came across another section of road that had now become a small river.

There were cars stalled in the middle going in both directions. There was not a danger of my being swept off the road so I journeyed on. This was not a small creek, this was a river. It was probably coming up to the doors on my truck. As I proceeded around a stall car, I ended up running up on the curb. Also about this time, a wave swept over the hood of truck and I could sense my truck did not appreciate my reckless behavior.

I continued on and made it out no worse for wear. However, on my return trip, I took the high road and made it back without any more problems. Upon my return, I learned that we were no longer accepting any new deliveries. I stayed around for another hour and a half taking orders that had been taken two hours before. I finally got home about 10pm Friday night.