Mystically Wired by Ken Wilson This book discusses how humans are created to engage in prayer. The author uses a great deal of scientific research to support the idea that prayer is more than babblings of a mentally unstable person. He discusses methods of prayer that have fallen into disuse over the centuries or are only used by certain denominations.

My struggle with this book began with the title. However, as Wilson points out, mystic simply means mystery. The author’s prolific use of science to support his ideas caused conflict for me. At times it felt more like a science lesson than a book on prayer, but Wilson points out that prayer is both spiritual and physiological. This idea had not occurred to me. Early on, Wilson discusses how rationalism and science have impaired us spiritually. I began to examine my faith to see what was cultural and what was biblical.

Several of the prayer methods mentioned I have often viewed as bordering on ritual. Upon re-examination, if implemented in the proper spirit, they can be beneficial. I still do not agree completely with Wilson, but I would recommend this book if you want to be stretched in your understanding and application of prayer.

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