I started at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in January of this year and needless to say it has been an experience so far. I had been in the corporate and academic world for the last five years. I have one masters degree but it was all online and didn’t really challenge me that much. So after five years, it is taking a while to get into the mindset of being a student again. That and my bad habit of procrastination is still with me. Several nights I have been up till 3am because I just didn’t work on my papers sooner.

I was working two jobs and going to school but that got to be too much so I quit the first one and now I deliever pizzas for Pizza Hut 30 hours a week. It’s really not that bad of a job and most days I look forward to going to work. I think one big reason I like this job is that it doesn’t follow me home at the end of the day like my previous jobs. I take the pizzas, I deliever them. Rinse and repeat and then I go home. I work with people from all over the world from Sudan, Algeria, and Serbia.

I moved my membership to Travis Avenue last week and have been talking with the Community Outreach Minister about starting a Computer Literacy program. There was also discussion of also starting GED and citizenship classes to supplement the ESL classes that are already taking place. I’ve gotten plugged into a Sunday School class and a small group and have even found opportunities to sing and play my guitar.

There are still many areas of my life that I struggle with but at the same time, God is showing himself faithful and providing places for me to worship, fellowship and serve.