This Friday morning began like most any other Friday morning, an epic battle of wills. Will I lie in bed until 30 minutes before I need to be at work or will I get up early and be productive? There is a reason sloth is one of the seven deadly sins.

What can I say about delivering pizzas? You cut the pizza, put it in a box, then in a bag and you deliver it. Rinse and repeat for 8 hours. I did notice some things about some of the new personnel that have begun working at our store in the past month. In the past, if a manager needed me to stay past my scheduled time, they would ask nicely. If I said no, they accepted it and let me go. However, the shift manager I had tonight tried to guilt trip me. She told me that both of the orders she was giving me were late. I told her I would stay. I had already stayed 30 minutes past time because our general manager had asked me to stay. I was trying to get away to get to a friend’s going away party.

So anyway, I got my orders and began driving to the first house. I looked at the ticket. This order was not late. The second order had 20 minutes left. At this point, I was aggravated. If this manager had asked me nicely and not tried to guilt me, I would not have had a problem with it. However, she stretched the truth to make me stay. I got both of the orders to the correct houses before the promised delivery time. I was expecting pizzas that were 30 minutes past their promised time.

One ritual we have as drivers is that once we have cashed out for the evening, we complete some task for the manager to lighten the load for the drivers that will be closing. I have no problem with this. I will wash some dishes or take out the trash, no big deal. But, when a manager has asked me to stay over an hour past my scheduled times as a thank you, they should just let me go after I cash out. That was not the case tonight. I got back and had to fold boxes before I could go home.

This is probably just because this manager does not know me and I do not know her. One of my last manager’s would try and guilt me by giving me sad puppy dog eyes but she also understood that I was tired after eight hours and just wanted to go home. Maybe as I get to know this new manager better, things will work better.