So I had plans today. I asked off work about three weeks ago, but I did not foresee the massive thunderstorms that would wreak havoc on said plans. So around eleven I finally got ready and out the door. I was going to drive to Cabela’s and wander around for a while. Before my epic journey through Cabela’s I was going to stop and get some barbecue. I stopped off at Sonny Bryan’s. I had been in the mood for BBQ all week so that hit the spot. They also had cherry cobbler. It had real ice cream, not that soft-serve junk that is squeezed out of a machine.

So with a full stomach, I proceeded to begin my pilgrimage to Cabela’s. Apparently, everyone else in Tarrant County had the same idea. I wandered around for a few minutes. I spent a few minutes looking at tents and sleeping bags. Then I saw the price tags and moved on. I passed the gun department as well as the archery. I passed up the fishing department and found myself walking back outside. I had spent less than 10 minutes inside. I realized that there just is not much at Cabela’s that interests me. I enjoy being outdoors. I like camping. If I am not too out of shape, I like to hike. But none of these things warrants me going to a giant sporting goods store.

After I a few hours, I got home and watched tv, read, and play some games. There is part of me that enjoyed it, but there is another part of me that feels like I just wasted my day off. Oh well, maybe next time.