I think I have always enjoyed music. I loved to sing in church back in the day. Then as a teenager, I decided that I needed to learn to play the guitar. I also realized I was horrible at it. I quit playing for several years and picked it back up in college. Last summer, I auditioned for one of the acoustic guitar positions in the praise band at Travis Ave. I learned very quickly that I am not a musician. I just sing and can pass as a guitar player. I can read music enough to know if when I am singing I should go up or down on the scale. They throw out things like, “This is in 3/4 time.” At that point, I either give them a blank stare or just nod my head as if I know what they are talking about.

I noticed today that interesting enough I can think about quite a few things while I am playing. One of the songs, I had to start playing the intro. I was making a decent attempt at keeping time in my head.

“1…2…3…4… change to an A …1…2…3…4… change to a D…I’m kind of hungry…2…3…I wonder where we are going for lunch…change to an E…2…I don’t know how I’ll pay bills while I’m in Cambodia…3…Something doesn’t sound right…(Look at sheet music)…Oh, crude, I’m playing the wrong chords…Ok, playing the right chord now…Concentrate…Don’t screw up again.”

All I can think of is that they must be hard up for a guitar player to keep me around.