Writing short storiesMost of my writing is non-fiction.  I write about my experiences, my vacations, and things the Lord is teaching me.  I don’t usually write fiction.  One reason is it’s hard for me to come up with all the details and embellishments that make fiction engaging.  Another, is I don’t usually have ideas for stories.  The last time I consistently wrote fiction was the sixth grade.

My teacher had us write a one page short story each week.  We had to use the 20 spelling words for the week.  The first week, one of the words was “muskrat.”  I decided I was going to create a series of stories about Detective Alan and his pet muskrat.  Each week, he had exciting adventures steered in large part by the words I had to work into the stories.

Then my fiction writing dry-spell began.  And it continued until about six months ago.  Our pastor was preaching through the book of 1 Peter.  He came to chapter 5.  As I read verse 8, it began stirring images and ideas in my mind.  ”Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

Since then I have worked on this short story.  One day I might knock out a few pages.  Another I might go back and rewrite half of what I previously wrote.  Then I wrestled with whether I had fleshed out my characters enough.  Would the reader care about my protagonist?  Next, I had to type up all my handwritten pages.  I spent more time critiquing what I had written than typing.

I have finally reached the point where I feel reasonably comfortable putting it out there for others to read.  I have broken it up into three parts to make it more manageable.  I’ll publish a chapter a day.  Part One will come out tomorrow. I would love feedback, good or bad.  Well, here goes nothing.