I just finished reading the updated story on Ars Technica about AT&T and the update to their Terms of Service. The terms now read as follows: Old School Phone

5.1 Suspension/Termination. AT&T respects freedom of expression and believes it is a foundation of our free society to express differing points of view. AT&T will not terminate, disconnect or suspend service because of the views you or we express on public policy matters, political issues or political campaigns.

So AT&T wised up after all the press they received.

However, they still have a problem when it comes to customer service. My first bill was due on October 1st. There were charges on there for the month that I didn’t have service. I wanted to contact customer service and get those charges taken off before I paid the bill. Printed right next to the due date was a second due date, October 3rd. At which time, I would be assessed a $5 surcharge. So on the 1st, I attempted to call customer service and got tired of sitting on hold. On the 2nd, I decided I would go ahead and pay the bill and dispute the charges later. So one day after the bill was due and a day before it was really due, I paid the bill in full.

On Saturday, I opened my mailbox to find an envelope from AT&T. I figured it was another bill for the next month. Not quite. It was a Disconnection Notice printed on October 2nd. I was told that I had until October 13th or my service would be disconnected. The closing paragraph of the notice shows the irony of the situation.

Thank you for choosing AT&T Texas. We value you as a customer and understand that sometimes circumstances may cause a delayed payment.

That’s great and all. Too bad I already sent them their money. They just wasted all that time and money printing up this pretty notice harassing me for the money I had already paid them. I just don’t understand big corporations some times.