I mentioned to a friend recently that I wanted to take a trip somewhere where I felt small. There is something about standing at the base of a mountain or looking out at an expanse of ocean to make you feel small. I like those reminders because they show me I’m not the center of the universe. They also remind me that this world is so much greater than the house I live in and the cubicle I work in.

I got my wish Sunday. I drove out to Henry Cowell State Park. They have a redwood grove with a few old growth trees that escaped logging 100 years ago. I’ve heard stories about them but when you see them up close, you can’t help but tilt your head back and stare in wonder. Some of those trees were sprouting from the ground around the time Jesus was traveling through Galilee teaching and performing miracles.

Sometimes you needed to be reminded of the Creator and your place in creation.