iTunes is cool.

So the other day I decided I would check out iTunes, seeing as it automatically installed on my laptop when I upgraded QuickTime.  There were a few podcasts I had heard about based off of radio shows.  However in my exploration I found several others.

This Week in Tech (TWiT) - Is so far one of my favorite podcasts.  Leo Laporte is the host.  If you ever watched TechTV a few years ago, he was on “The Screensavers.”  I enjoy this show because they talk about all things technology but it’s not a show for the masses.  It is geared toward people that either work or spend most of their time in the technology sector.

Insight For Living - I listen to Chuck Swindoll during the week while I’m driving but now if I miss a sermon I can pick it up on his podcast.

Money Matters - This is another show I listen to while out delivering pizzas.  Every time I listen, I’m encouraged to work harder to get out of debt.  Update: 1/27/2010 - Money Matters is no longer produced but has been replaced by MoneyLife.