Christmas TreeSo it’s that time of year again. Time to update your Amazon wish list with items you would like but within a few months they will probably end up sitting on a shelf gathering dust. As I looked over the list it occurred to me. I really don’t need anything. Most of the stuff I would get would border on frivolous. So I have decided that I am going to request that if anyone wants to get me a gift, to just give the money to a charity. There are several that I have supported in the past or just really like.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering - International Mission Board. 100% of the money given to this fund goes to support missionaries in their work overseas.

Heifer International - Provides animals for families around the world to give them a sustainable source of food and income.

Habitat for Humanity - Provides low-cost housing for deserving families around the world.

Child’s Play Charity - Pick a children’s hospital in your area and buy books, videos, games and video games for children to use while they are receiving treatment.

Angel Tree - Prison Fellowship - Provides presents for children who have a parent incarcerated.

One Laptop Per Child - Provides inexpensive computers to children in developing countries to aid them in their education and prepare them for the rapidly developing world they are growing up in.

We have an abundance in this country. Why don’t we use it to help those in need instead of collecting more stuff?