I got the idea for this yearly review and plan from a recent article by Chris Guillabeau.

Looking back at 2012

What went well?

  • I ran my first marathon in Baton Rouge.

  • I changed jobs. I found a company where I enjoy the people I work with and the work is keeping me challenged.

  • I took a vacation in Maine. I found a cabin on the water and had a great time exploring.

  • I wrote another short story, about a lone soldier stationed at Fort Knox in Maine.

  • I took risks with some relationships.

  • In spite of fear, I had some hard conversations that needed to happen.

  • I attended ZendCon in California and learned a great deal.

  • I read 67 books last year including: fiction, business, history, and biographies.

  • I was recognized by my boss for taking on a project that no one else wanted to touch.

  • I started teaching ESL to another family.

What didn’t go well?

  • I have not been intentional in keeping up my friendships.

  • I have several short stories and blog posts that have languished for months unfinished.

  • I did the bare minimum with a leadership position I hold.

  • My spiritual disciplines have been hit or miss.

  • I gained back 30 pounds I previously lost. I cut back on my running and got lax in my eating habits.

  • We still haven’t launched a large, long-standing project at work.

  • I have been lazy in my ESL preparations.

Looking to 2013

2013 - Year of Discovery.

This year of discovery will be one not only of lands and cultures but also of my place in God’s kingdom. I have talked for several years of traveling more and now that I’m debt-free I putting my money where my mouth is.

Since college, I have had a plan for where God was going to take me. Now over a decade later I am taking a second look. This year I will seek to separate out my plans, pride and wanderlust and get to a better understanding of my place in God’s kingdom. The second part is to learn to be content with whatever that turns out to be.


  • I will travel to Vietnam.

  • I will run 2 half-marathons in locales that allow for discovery.

  • I will be more proactive with my friendships by calling, texting and emailing regularly.

  • I will plan events to get together with friends at least once a month.

  • I will take weekend retreats to spend time seeking the Lord.

These are just a start and I still need to determine criteria to measure whether I’ve reached my goals or not. It’s a start and here’s to a year of discovery.

What are some of your goals for this year?