HIgh Court Building

Darkness not quite letting go of the night
At our destination after hours of travel
The Toyota smells of an old canvas tent
Taking us to our place for rest
While passing billboards and construction
Progress and Materialism pushing out
Shrines and other pieces of the past.

Traffic moving like a game of Tetris
Filling up every available space
People moving with something like sonar
Aware of those to the left, right and ahead
All moving and honking
In a dance of inches

Hindus and Muslims
Niqab and saree
Western and Eastern
Progress and poverty

Those following deities impotent of power
Others building monuments to man’s intellect and strength
When the power fails and the concrete crumbles
When the false gods are shown for what they are

Christ will sit upon his throne
Every knee will bow and every tongue confess
Father pour out your spirit
On this storied land of peoples, tribes and tongues