My faith is not gauged on a meter, where one day it is pegged out and the next it shows I need a fill up. I’m understanding my faith is more like a wall that surrounds my spirit. Some areas are well-built with strong gates that the enemy can’t get through. Other places, there are gaps large enough a legion could walk through in formation.

Take this trip to India. I haven’t worried about flights, taxi rides, the food, the water, any of it. I take precautions, but I’m not worrying constantly about all the ways I could get hurt or sick. Counter this with how I relate to women. I finally get the courage to pursue a woman (I’m still an awkward 14-year-old on the inside) and start talking to her. Just talking, as in a simple conversation. Instantly the enemy runs through the gap in the wall. “Well, there you go again. You said something really stupid, alienating another woman. Why did you even think she’d give you the time of day?”

When these attacks happen, the first order of business is to beat back the onslaught and then fill the gap. You finish that task and then as the adrenaline of battle subsides, you start to think. “Well, the enemy got through a gap here, there must be gaps around the city. Is there even a wall left?”

This is when you need to get up and take a walk around the city. Stand and look at the gates that have withstood countless attacks. Take note of the gaps and call in reinforcements. Then the hard work begins. You’ve got to position men to protect the wall and rebuild it higher and stronger than before. And you will have to fight battle after battle while completing this job. Then when you’re done, move on to the next gap.

Take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.

Have you experienced something similar in your own walk with Christ? How is your faith built stronger?