A few months ago, I stood with friends watching the sun sink behind concrete buildings. As we watched the sky become painted in yellows and reds, I offered the comment. “I want to go somewhere where I feel small.” After a few odd looks I explained myself.

If you spend all your time around man-made buildings and highways, your outlook becomes small. When you stand at the base of a mountain and look up, you are put in your place. It is those moments that I remember that I am a very small man compared to an all-encompassing God.

I got my chance to feel small today. I rode on a train line built in 1880. It starts in the high desert and runs into the mountains. We rode along ridges overlooking mountain valleys and canyons. We peered down into ravines and stared up at summits. The aspens were changing color and broke up the dark green of the pines and firs. I attempt to describe the experience but words do not do it justice.

Rio Grande GorgeEarlier this morning, I stood on a bridge looking down into the Rio Grande Gorge. It’s not as big as the Grand Canyon but the size still plays tricks with your mind. What appears to be a small thread of water is actually a fast-moving river 500 feet below.

That was the point of this vacation. I needed to unplug from my job and be reminded that God is God and I am not. The wonders and beauty around me tell me He is so much greater than me. All I can do is stand in awe.