my heart is heavy
the pieces of my life
lay scattered about me
some rent to pieces
Those which caused me ill
others necessary
but in need of mending
i am at my end
no sense of direction
despair creeps in

then a blast of heat
stirs me from my tears and groaning
followed by metallic ringing
i lift my eyes
to see the forge of grace
a broken piece of my life
held to the anvil of mercy
blows shaping it into something new

the glow of the forge
the ping of the hammer
over and over, over and over
other pieces, not as hearty
cleaned with gentle hands
removing the worldly grime
running hands over mars and pits
hard edges sanded down
but the marks remaining
a reminder that this life
Is meant to be used
not put on display

i can’t see what it will be
my life, filled with so many twists and turns
finding myself in this workshop again
asking again
can you repair
can you rebuild
these broken pieces before you

you step back to admire the work
as i look about the floor
and glimpse extra pieces
you notice my gaze
responding in a quiet voice
those were not necessary
they were added out there
and hinder what i’m creating

i look down at the pieces of my heart
rearranged and reshaped
but still bearing the marks
of the trials, failures, and successes
it begins to warm and glow
as hope rushes in
to fill the cracks and holes
restoring a joy long grown cold

father, thank you
you are not done with my heart
and will keep working
until that great day